Coating Rehabilitation

Canusa’s Rehab suite of products provides tailored corrosion protection solutions to match various line pipe coatings, operating parameters and service conditions. Our high performance liquid, heat shrink, and visco-elastic products are manufactured in Canada to the highest quality standards and have been formulated to be top-of-the-class within each intended market segment.

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Coating Rehabilitation


High build liquid-applied coating technologies serving all field conditions: HBE-95, HBE-HT, HBE-OS, HBE-DX, HBE-COLD WEATHER


3-layer hybrid Polyethylene (3LPE heat shrinkable) technology

Extreme Coating System™ (XCS)

2-layer mastic Polyethylene (2LPE heat shrinkable) technology


Viscoelastic self-healing adhesive technology