Journal Features

Cord Magazine

November 2019 Inpridi Promotes New Technologies In Serbia
By Marko Vojinović, Owner and Director of INPRIDI D.O.O. (LTD.)


July 2016 Corrosion Protection for Pipeline Weld Joints
By Jarrod Shugg

Materials Performance

January 2016 Using Pipeline Coatings with Cathodic Protection
By Dennis Wong

Water & Sewerage Journal

October 2014 Field joint coating for the UK water industry
By Dan Pearson


World Pipelines

April 2020 Suited for the Occasion
By Tammy Bomia and Davie Peguero PE
March 2019 Field Joint Coatings
By Paul Boczkowski
August 2018 Ensuring Coating Integrity for HDD Applications
By Dr. Somaieh Salehpour, Aaron Geiger and Ron Raphoon
May 2016 Automated FJC Technology
By Shawn Doyle and Jarrod Shugg
May 2015 End-to-End Performance
By Pratheep Rajan and Kulvinder Juss
October 2014 Added mechanical protection
By Pratheep Rajan and Jarod Shugg
April 2014 Canusa-CPS Offshore Technology Review
By Pascal Laferriere
November 2013 Cathodic Shielding: Absorbing the Details
By Robert Buchanan
May 2013 Factory or Field? Seeking the Same Standards
By Bob Buchanan and Pascal Laferriere
October 2012 Let's Talk Shielding
By Robert Buchanan
May 2011 The World of Field-Applied Pipeline Coatings
By Canusa-CPS
August 2006 Coating the 'long connection'
By Robert Buchanan and Sean Haberer
March 2006 Feeling the heat
By Robert Buchanan
June 2004 Remote construction challenges
By Robert Buchanan

Oilfield Technology

September 2014 Coatings on a Quest
By Pratheep Rajan

Protective Coatings Europe Magazine

July - September 2012 Understanding ISO 21809-3
By M. Roche

Pipeline and Gas Technology

January 2007 Heat-Shrinkable Sleeve Systems Provide Long Term, Reliable Protection
March 2004 Best in class protection
By Robert Buchanan
September/October 2003 Coating Compatibility
By Robert Buchanan

North American Oil & Gas Pipelines

October 2019 An Innovative Coating System to Extend the Service Life of Aging Pipelines
By Mario Silvestro
April 2012 Coating the World Over
By Bradley Kramer
May/June 2011 Pipeline Coatings - An Integrity Question
By Bob Buchanan and Scott Smith

Energy Focus

April 2007 3-layer polypropylene pipeline coatings and field joints
by Robert Buchanan and Pascal Laferriere
September 2006 Controlling corrosion in the field
by Robert Buchanan
September 2004 Field Joint Coatings - heat-shrinkable sleeves described
by Robert Buchanan