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Oil & Gas Onshore Pipelines

Canusa-CPS is a world leader and trusted provider of field-applied coatings for oil and gas pipelines. Our offering includes a wide range of coating materials and also includes coating services, as well as the required equipment to install our coating systems and to maximize process control in a field setting. Our focus and approach is to provide coatings that help to deliver consistent end-to-end coating performance and integrity over the entire pipeline.

Canusa-CPS has a complete range of advanced field-applied coating systems and equipment for onshore oil and gas pipelines, including our GTS-PE and GTS-PP systems, the industry’s leading Factory Grade solutions for 3LPE and 3LPP coated pipelines.

Oil & Gas Offshore Pipelines

Canusa-CPS is the industry leader in field-applied coatings technology for the protection of subsea pipelines where the demands for quality, reliability and proven procedures are of the highest importance. With the unique ability to provide field joint coating solutions that are tailored to match offshore construction methods, pipeline design parameters and service conditions, Canusa-CPS is trusted and relied upon by the world’s leading offshore pipelay contractors.

District Heating & Cooling

Canusa-CPS provides a range of sealing and insulating coating systems for District Heating and Cooling networks. As these networks are designed to provide efficient heating or cooling through the distribution of heated or cooled water, it is essential that the pipeline networks used are well insulated and sealed from external moisture to ensure that the internal water temperature is maintained. Canusa-CPS is a trusted supplier of coating systems that are proven to deliver the advanced sealing and coating performance that these networks require.


Water pipelines can range from small diameter distribution lines to very large diameter transmission lines. Canusa-CPS has developed the Aqua-Shield® and WrapidSeal product lines specifically to function on water and wastewater pipelines. High performance products, such as the multi-layer GTS heat-shrinkable sleeve products and HBE liquid epoxy products, can be also used for specified higher performance requirements or when mainline coating type requires.

Coating Rehabilitation

Canusa’s Rehab suite of products provides tailored corrosion protection solutions to match various line pipe coatings, operating parameters and service conditions. Our high performance liquid, heat shrink, and visco-elastic products are manufactured in Canada to the highest quality standards and have been formulated to be top-of-the-class within each intended market segment.

Infrastructure & Industrial Applications

Canusa offers a number of products used in industrial and OEM applications such as sealing air handling systems, protection of offshore structures and civil works applications. Heat-shrinkable sleeves and tapes along with adhesives and fillers may be used in a number of specialty applications.

Industrial Application includes:

  • Lamp Post Protection
  • Wooden Post & Piling
  • Pipe Pilings
  • Bridge works, including Anchor Blocks, Tendon Coating Repairs, etc.
  • Filler for Cable Water Blocks
  • Tree Root Protection for Drains and Sewers
  • and many more