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Visco-Elastic coatings are amorphous polyolefin cold-applied coating products, usually delivered in tape form with a reinforced carrier film for flexible installation. They provide a barrier to water and oxygen and superior corrosion protection with instant adhesion to the substrate with no cure time.

Visco-Elastic materials have elastic properties and elements to resist shear flow which partially allow them to return to their original state when deformed. This allows them to self-heal minor damaged areas over time, creating lasting corrosion protection. As the adhesive does not harden or dry out over the life of the product, the risk of disbondment – even in the long term – is virtually eliminated.

These coatings are field applicator friendly and can be easily applied with no primer or restriction to shape in hot and cold climates. Quick installation with minimal surface preparation and installation equipment make them suitable for diverse applications in many markets.

The advanced field-friendly, self-healing coating system provides effective protection against corrosion for aboveground and underground applications.