Horizontal directional drilling section of Jönköping Energi’s district heating distribution network expansion project in March 2021


A new distribution line from the Jönköping Energi Plant in Torsvik to city of Jönköping is currently being built to increase the district heating capacity (for the city of Jönköping, Sweden.) The primary distribution line is a dual PE 800 insulated pipeline with additional, smaller diameter lines connecting the system to the broader regional network.

Canusa-CPS was selected to supply our advanced joint casing system for pre-insulated pipelines, CSC-XPTM and our automated electro-fusion welding system, IntelliFUSE™.

Hantech System AB our Swedish partner supplied the CSC-XP casings with installation of the casings conducted by Freds Fjarrvarmeservice.


The unique attributes of the CSC-XP™ casing paired with IntelliFUSE™ revolutionize the speed, efficiency and reliability of the field welding process and the long-term integrity of the field joint once in service. The system provides unmatched performance for the field-installed, electro-fused joint protection system.

CSC-XP™ utilizes HybridPEX™ Technology which combines the advantages of cross-linked and uncross-linked polyethylene in a single product. The cross-linked polyethylene outer layer maintains hoop stress on the pipe over the design life and resists premature recovery in hot climates. The uncross-linked polyethylene inner layer of the casing allows for effective welding (IntelliFUSE™) of the material to the mainline PE jacket pipe.  This advanced grade of high-density bimodal polyethylene offers enhanced resistance to abrasion, impact, penetration and cracking, especially at low temperatures.

Project Name
2020 - 2021
District Energy
Supply of CSC-XP™ Casings & IntelliFUSE™ equipment for PE Casing
O.D. from 355 mm – 800 mm
CSC-XP™, IntelliFUSE™