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With the new year just around the corner, it is a good time to reflect on all that was accomplished at our Huntsville location. It was with immense pride we celebrated our first recordable free year! On May 9th, we achieved our goal due to the hard work of the employees and our sound safety programs.

 One of those programs the team are proud of is the strict ‘Lock Out Tag Out’ (LOTO) process. This program incorporates risk mitigations; Take-5 cards (non-routine tasks) and standardized energy control procedures; Selfcontained visual boards located at each work cell make it an easy process to follow. Training is regularly conducted to keep employees well informed and updated on changes.

HSE Coordinator, Mary Aldridge, delivers the training and remains vigilant with monitoring its use. Not only does Huntsville consider the safety of employees, but they also ensure contractors and vendors are safe when in on site.

Contractors were invited to attend a formal training program to make them aware of potential hazards and controls measures that protect all workers. Unapproved contractors are not permitted to work on our property. Over thirty-five different vendors and contractors have attended and signed off on this new program thus far.

Lastly and most importantly we must recognize our employees. We have built a culture on safety being #1, and we all know it is our responsibility to keep ourselves and each other safe. This is accomplished through other safe work practices such as Safety Alerts, 5S audits, Hazard Hunts, and the ongoing discussions at our DMP meetings.

We look forward to working together safely in 2023.

Well done, Huntsville Team!