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We are proud to announce the award of Canusa’s largest ScarGuard® order secured for the BP Kewdale White-Oil Line (KWOL) Project.

Governed and funded by West Australia Public Transport Authority (PTA), the pipelines which runs in the rail reserve connects the BP refinery in Kwinana to the ATOM fuel distribution terminal in Kewdale and is used for all grades of petrol, diesel, and jet fuel produced at the refinery. The project scope involves full encapsulation of 12km x 12” DLFBE coated pipes for HDD construction.

More than 11,300 rolls of 10” x 30ft ScarGuard® rolls will be applied by the contractor, Spiecapag, to encapsulate approximately 1000 joints. To-date, 60% of the pipeline construction works have been completed with a target completion by early Q1 2022.