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Water Pipelines


Durable protection against abrasion and chemical attack.

Superior corrosion protection.

Covers and protects the pipe surface.

Assured performance.

Aqua-Shield® is a family of heat-shrinkable sleeve products that have been specifically designed for corrosion protection of water pipelines.

Various product configurations are available that utilize a cross-linked polyolefin backing and a protective, heat-activated adhesive which effectively bonds to metallic substrates and common pipeline coatings.

Long Term Protection

Once installed, Aqua-Shield® provides durable protection against abrasion and chemical attack. The high performance crosslinked backing provides the superior abrasion resistance and mechanical strength required for water transmission and distribution lines. Aqua-Shield® effectively covers and protects the pipe surface to prevent corrosion. Since no special primers are required, less time is required for installation.

Flexible & Reliable Installation

The Aqua-Shield® family of products are available in various configurations for flexibility of installation.

  • Aqua-Shield® AQW-HS: Specially constructed and provided in custom cut lengths for field joints on large diameter water pipelines including “O”-ring and field welded configurations, as well as coating factory fittings and mitered elbows.
  • Aqua-Shield® AQW-WAB: The AQW-WAB system is a two layer system comprised of a 6” wide AQW-WAB underlay sleeve followed with the secondary AQW-HS heat shrink sleeve for added protection over the heat affected zone for internally welded field joints / weld-after-backfill applications.

Assured Performance

The AQW-HS and AQW-WAB products meet and exceed the requirements of AWWA standard C216-15.


Water Pipelines
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