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For spraying HBE 3:1 (1000mL) and Liquid Epoxy Types 4:1 (940mL)


Apply Canusa’s liquid coatings faster, easier.

Less clean up.

Less applicator error.

Minimal equipment maintenance.

The Canusa Atomizer Gun is an advanced pneumatic dispenser designed to spray apply Canusa’s two-component HBE for standalone corrosion protection systems, and/or Liquid Epoxy Types for 3-layer corrosion protection systems.

The gun is capable of applying Canusa’s liquid coatings faster, easier, with less clean up, with less applicator error and with minimal equipment maintenance vs. conventional brush and spray install methods. The HBE Atomizer & Cartridge System allow applicators to produce a coating thickness that is both consistent and repeatable.

Faster Application Times

Using the HBE Atomizer and Cartridge System, Canusa’s Liquid Epoxy
products can be applied to large diameter girth weld field joints at
high build thicknesses in less than 30 seconds.

Automated Epoxy Mixing

The pre-measured quantities of epoxy in the Atomizer Cartridge
are automatically mixed in the chamber of the static Mixing Tip
prior to spraying.

Easy, Controlled and Repeatable

The atomized liquid is applied onto the substrate surface with
controlled fluid flow and air flow pressures yielding a consistent
output volume from the gun. The apparatus is also lightweight
and portable.

No Clean Up

Once the cartridge is empty, simply replace with a filled
cartridge and continue spraying.

High Build in Single Coat

A single pass application direct-to-metal can achieve a high build
coating thickness of 20-40mils (500-1000microns).


Oil & Gas
3-Layer Systems
Water Pipelines
Repair & Rehab
Girth-Weld Joints
Fittings & Bends