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Global Transmission Sleeve


Superior Mechanical and Corrosion Protection.

Saves time & money.

Unique adhesive technology.

Flexible Installation.

The GTS-80-ISO system provides superior corrosion protection and excellent bonding on pipelines operating up to 85°C. GTS-80-ISO has been designed with a unique adhesive technology “in tune” with Liquid Epoxy Type S-80 primer layer. As a result, lower preheat temperatures are required to attain true adhesive wet-out and superior bonding to parent coating surfaces.

Durable crosslinked high density polyethylene backing combined with unique adhesive technology to provide excellent peel strength and shear resistance at high temperature.

Enhanced Chemical and Mechanical Bond

  • GTS-80-ISO hotmelt adhesive and Liquid Epoxy Type S-80 formulas have been specifically engineered to establish strong bond with prepared pipe surface and parent coating surface resulting in a high performance 3-Layer system with unmatched long-term performances.

Flexible installation

  • Allows for lower installation pre-heat temperatures and superior bonding to PE and FBE coatings.
  • Lower pre-heat means less time heating
  • For added flexibility, the sleeve can be supplied as bulk rolls or precut to the required pipe size.

Long Term Corrosion Protection

  • Provides a protective coating with the structural integrity of a seamless tube, providing excellent resistance to cathodic disbondment and excellent durability against abrasion and chemical attack.
  • Canusa GTS-80-ISO system meets the requirements of ISO21809-3 Type 14B2 (80°C) and EN12068 C80 HT UV.


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