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Field-Applied 3LPE System


Low installation temperatures.

Proven, uniform and repeatable application process.

Easy to Install with Process Control.

3LPE coating technology.

GTS-PE 3LPE field-applied coating system is the world’s first joint coating technology designed with the same materials as the 3LPE factory-applied coatings.

Compared to other factory grade 3LPE coating systems, GTS-PE provides very low installation temperatures and a proven, uniform and repeatable application process. Additionally, the GTS-PE system is fully compatible for use with induction heating and Canusa’s IntelliCOAT®.

Factory Grade™ 3LPE Coating Technology

  • Polyethylene HDPE top coat delivers mechanical protection and resistance to moisture absorption that is equivalent to the factory-applied coating.
  • High temperature liquid epoxy on steel provides Factory Grade™ resistance to corrosion and cathodic disbondment and allows for low installation temperatures.
  • PE copolymer layer bonds the PE top coat to the epoxy and fuses to the factory-applied coating to eliminate the possibility of moisture ingress.

Consistent End-to-End 3LPE Coating Performance

  • Proven to provide consistent fusion to the factory-applied 3LPE coating.
  • A true 3LPE coating system with outer layers applied onto pre-cured epoxy layer for a guaranteed corrosion protection layer.
  • Proven on projects requiring the most advanced 3LPE coating performance, including reeling applications and large diameter directional drilling.

Easy to Install with Process Control

  • Factory Grade™ performance is achieved with remarkably low installation temperatures for added repeatability.
  • Can be installed directly by contractors, supported by Canusa-CPS’ industry leading field service team, using uniform and controlled induction pre heating technology.
  • Can be combined with the patented IntelliCOAT® system, providing a fully automated, efficient and safe installation.


Onshore Pipelines
Offshore, Reel, J & S Lay
High Moisture Environments