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Induction Heating Equipment

Automation and Process Control

Induction Heating Equipment

Quicker heating cycles and consistent performance, joint to joint.

Factory Grade™ automation.

Process control.

High productivity.

Induction heating technologies are frequently used as part of the field joint coating process to raise the temperature of the pipeline surface for coating application.

As part of its commitment to advanced process technologies and high-quality field joint coating solutions, Canusa-CPS maintains a comprehensive fleet of specialized induction heating generators and coils in strategic locations in the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Far East, to service both short and long term project rental needs.

Factory Grade™ Automation

  • Induction heating equipment is a key element of Canusa-CPS’s strategy to deliver Factory Grade™ coating solutions to the onshore and offshore pipeline construction markets. Portable, diesel-powered generators and clamp-style coils are field-friendly versions of their factory counterparts and provide fast, efficient and uniform heating to the field joint coating area in a fully repeatable process from one joint to the next.

Process Control

  • The heating process can be precisely controlled by varying the output power of the generator, heating time and clamp coil design to produce a uniform, repeatable heating profile across the surface of the field joint.

High Productivity

  • Effective deployment of induction heating equipment can result in higher coating productivity due to quicker heating cycles and consistent performance, joint to joint.


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