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Automated Application


High-performance anti-corrosion coating system applicator for increased productivity.

Enclosed heating design.

Rapid heat up and cool down times.

World’s first fully-automated system for the controlled application of heat shrinkable sleeves.

The IntelliCOAT® system is the world's first fully-automated system to control the application of heat shrinkable sleeves for the anti-corrosion protection of pipeline field joints and is Canusa-CPS's latest contribution to the advancement of coating technology for the pipeline industry.

The field friendly system provides a stepchange enhancement in the quality, consistency and productivity of field-applied coatings by means of automation. In conjunction with Canusa-CPS’s PE and PP based Factory Grade™ coating materials, the IntelliCOAT® system is able to deliver a seamless, high performance, three-layer anti-corrosion coating system for the entire length of a pipeline.


  • IntelliCOAT® automates best practice installation techniques to produce high quality field joint coating applications that are fully repeatable from joint to joint. Installation programs are developed to meet specific project needs and can be qualified through comprehensive test programs before implementation for all coating requirements during pipeline construction.


  • The IntelliCOAT® application process is precisely controlled by a PLC-based control system with closed-loop feedback control. Once the application program is qualified, operators simply lower the IntelliCOAT® coil onto the pre-positioned sleeve, and the system takes care of the rest, minimizing all possible sources of variation.


  • Using IntelliCOAT® , a contractor can precisely forecast the daily field joint coating productivity, without reliance on operators to conduct any labour intensive work steps. The application time per joint is preset at the qualification stage so production can proceed on schedule.


  • The IntelliCOAT® system delivers enhanced operator safety through its enclosed heating design and rapid heat up and cool down times. IntelliCOAT® eliminates the need for gas storage facilities and the open flames associated with conventional field joint coating application methods.


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Onshore Pipelines
Offshore, Reel, J & S Lay
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