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Liquid Epoxy Type P

High Temperature Force-cure Epoxy for Superior 3-layer Corrosion Protection

Liquid Epoxy Type P

High temperature force cured epoxy.

Mainline coating continuity.

Superior cathodic disbondment resistance.

Reduced cycle times.

The Canusa Liquid Epoxy Type P is a force cured, two part epoxy coating used as the primary layer with Canusa high temperature 3-layer systems, such as GTS-PP and GTS-PP II.

Usage of Canusa’s proven method of force curing enables the installer to “pre-inspect” the joint prior to sleeve application. This provides the assurance that the pipe is fully protected and it will not be displaced and exposed to corrosive contaminates during the aligning and shrinking stages of the sleeve installation. Liquid Epoxy Type P is composed of a specially formulated 100% solids epoxy system, which does not use any volatile solvents. This ensures that the thickness of the epoxy layer does not change as it cures.

High Temperature Force Cured Epoxy

Liquid Epoxy Type P is capable of force curing at high temperatures by induction heat. This proven method of force curing the epoxy to the steel allows the installer to “preinspect” the joint prior to sleeve installation.

Mainline Coating Continuity

The Liquid Epoxy Type P layer offers equivalent corrosion protection to the FBE primary layer in 3-layer polypropylene mainline systems. This equivalency at the girth weld joint offers a continuous primary layer of protection across the pipeline.

Superior Cathodic Disbondment Resistance

Liquid Epoxy Type P improves the cathodic disbondment resistance results for hotmelt type adhesives when compared against applications to bare steel substrates.

Reduced Cycle Times

The refined chemical bonding that is achieved from the hotmelt adhesive to the Liquid Epoxy Type P layer at high temperatures, allows for reduced sleeve installation times due to the lower consequential heating that is required.


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