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Liquid Epoxy Type S-80

Wet Epoxy for Superior 3-layer Corrosion Protection

Liquid Epoxy Type S-80

Coating continuity.

Improved cathodic disbondment resistance.

Enhanced chemical and mechanical bond.

Saves time.

Canusa Liquid Epoxy Type S-80 is a wet applied, two part epoxy, used as the primary layer with Canusa 3-Layer systems, such as GTS-80/M80 and GTS-80-ISO.

It is composed of a specially formulated 100% solids epoxy system, which does not use any volatile solvents. Applied as wet epoxy system, the installation of the GTS sleeves immediately follows application of Liquid Epoxy Type S-80 ensuring superior corrosion protection of field welded joints. Compatibility with mainline coating allows for application of epoxy primer onto adjacent coating. Refer to installation guidelines of corresponding Canusa GTS product to determine when to apply epoxy on overlap area.

Coating Continuity

The Liquid Epoxy Type S-80 layer offers equivalent corrosion protection to the FBE primary layer in 3-layer polyethylene mainline coated pipelines.

Improved Cathodic Disbondment Resistance

Liquid Epoxy Type S-80 will improve the Cathodic Disbondment resistance results for hotmelt type adhesives when compared against bare steel substrate.

Enhanced Chemical and Mechanical Bond

The special “wet application” formula of Liquid Epoxy Type S-80 allows for enhanced adhesion strength to steel pipe surface and hotmelt adhesive layer of the GTS heat shrink sleeves.

Saves Time

Lower pre-heat requirements of the wet-applied Liquid Epoxy Type S-80 allow for reduced installation times while maintaining highest performance for 3-Layer GTS systems rated up to 85˚C operating temperature.


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