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Wraparound Sleeves for Offshore Pipeline Joints


Superior direct-to-pipe corrosion protection.

Endures harsh infill operations.

Robust and reliable.

Maximizes cost savings.

MIS-100 heat shrinkable sleeve series provides superior direct-to-pipe corrosion protection for offshore pipeline joints.

The product has been specifically developed to meet the demanding offshore installation times while providing consistent joint-to-joint performance and easily enduring harsh infill operations.

Robust and Reliable

  • Crosslinked polyethylene backing works with purpose engineered adhesive to provide tight seal against corrosion at the pipe surface.
  • Adhesive is compatible with a variety of mainline coatings including 3LPP, 3LPE, FBE, AE and CTE.

Infill Ready

  • MIS-100 shrink sleeves are designed to be used with lay barge applied infill systems including PU foam and solid PU and withstand high temperatures associated with the infill processes.
  • The MIS-100 sleeve system provides long term corrosion protection for pipelines operating up to 100°C.

Maximize Cost Savings

  • One-piece sleeve construction with pre-attached closure reduces installation time, resulting in high production rates.
  • Low preheat adhesives result in fast pipe preparation and reliable sleeve application.


Offshore Pipelines
Oil & Gas
Infill Systems
Reel, J & S Lay
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