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Protection Plates for Underground Pipeline Networks


Trusted globally.

Lightweight and easy to install.

Easy removal allows for inspections or repairs.

Made of durable HDPE.

Setting the global standard for protecting pipelines, communities and the environment, OVERPIPE® provides the highest level of protection for buried pipe systems without requiring the labor, equipment, or cost-intenstive installation procedures of traditional pipe barriers systems.

The plates can withstand 32-ton excavator impacts and resist degradation and embrittlement in any soil or climate. Lightweight and easy to install, OVERPIPE® plates can be easily removed to allow inspections or repairs.


  • The OVERPIPE® plates are made of durable injection molded HDPE.
  • Perforated surface (less than 1% of total surface) to allow for the flow of water. These perforations come from the molding process. Holes from manual drilling will weaken the plate.


  • Easy and quick installation procedures translate to reductions in project timelines, GHG emissions, and costs when compared to installing steel plates or concrete slabs.
  • Does not disrupt cathodic protection currents or interfere with pipeline locating equipment.


  • Beveled edges and non-slip pins on both sides to facilitate handling and avoid slip and fall accidents.
  • Full body yellow color provides an effective warning signal to prevent third-party damage. Different colors are available depending on the nature of the network.
  • Fully customizable embossed warning message, available upon request.


Oil and Gas Pipelines
Water Pipelines
District Heating
Electrical Cable
Fiber Optic Cable