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Polyethylene Repair Products

Coating repair products for corrosion protection

Polyethylene Repair Products

Flexibility of installation.

Excellent adhesion to steel.

Compatible with all common pipeline coatings.

Complete corrosion protection.

Canusa’s Repair Products are used to repair and/or fill voids in damaged coatings. A full line of products provides the flexibility to make a variety of repairs to mainline or field joint coatings, ranging from minor coating damage to exposed steel.

All of Canusa’s Pipeline Repair Products offer flexibility of installation, exhibit excellent adhesion to steel and are compatible with all common pipeline coatings. These products also remain permanently flexible and provide superior resistance to moisture infiltration, resulting in complete corrosion protection.

The Coating Repair Patch (CRP)

  • Consists of an irradiated, cross-linked polyolefin sheet coated with a heat-activated adhesive, designed specifically for sealing and protection of damaged pipeline coatings up to 50mm x 50mm in size.
  • Fast installation with no special tools required, providing a barrier to moisture and corrosion with resistance to abrasion and shear forces during pipeline installation and while in-service.

Melt Sticks (MS)

  • Melt Sticks are heat-activated adhesives supplied as a rod for ease of application and are ideal for small coating repairs ranging from superficial damage to holidays and cracks up to 10mm x 10mm.

Mastic Filler (MF)

  • Mastic Filler is used to fill larger voids and deep crevices in damaged coatings prior to the application of Canusa Repair Patches.


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