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Heat Shrinkable Sleeves for Protection of Pre-Insulated Pipe Joints


Superior barrier against moisture ingress.

Protects the joints from the soil stresses.

Simple, forgiving, and most importantly, reliable installation.

Effective long term sealing.

SuperSeal sleeves have been specifically designed for long term sealing of joints on pre-insulated pipes.

Advanced grade of polyethylene backing material combined with function specific adhesive technology ensure superior barrier against water ingress and exceptional protection from the soil stresses associated with pre-insulated pipelines.

SuperSeal system features include:

  • Compliance with the stringent requirements of EN 489 standard
  • Proven and extensive track record of sealing District Heating joints over the past 25 years
  • Exceptional performance / value ratio

Effective Long Term Sealing

  • A combination of cross-linked, Bi-modal HDPE backing with a layer of unique hot melt adhesive, results in a long term barrier impermeable to moisture.
  • SuperSeal™ complies with the stringent requirements of the EN 489 standard.

Proven Track Record

SuperSeal™ has been protecting joints of pre-insulated pipelines for over 25 years.

Reliable and Consistent Performance

  • Low installation pre-heat temperature ensures forgiving and thus repeatable installation.
  • High performance backing provides superior mechanical strength required for high stress environments.

Flexible Product Options Save Time and Money

  • Available in two configurations: pre-cut to specific pipe size and bulk rolls.
  • Allows for lower inventories of pre-cut sleeves and just-in-time sleeve cutting, thus reducing cost.


Pre-Insulated Pipes
Pre-Foamed Joints