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Superstop PLX

Heat Shrinkable End Caps for Protection of Pre-Insulated Pipe Ends


Impenetrable to moisture ingress.

Excellent bonding compatibility.

Exceptional sealing properties.

Quick and easy installation.

Canusa SuperStop and PLX* are heat shrinkable products intended for sealing and protection of exposed insulation at the ends of pre-insulated pipes..

Cross-linked polyethylene composition in combination with high temperature mastic adhesive ensure superior and enduring conformance of the product to the shape of the foam cutback, thus resulting in a barrier impenetrable to moisture ingress. Canusa end caps offer excellent bonding compatibility to common pipe coatings and exceptional sealing properties across a wide range of operating temperatures.

CSS SuperStop features include:

  • Moulded configuration supplied with pre-attached adhesive for quick and easy installation.
  • Available in sizes up to 710mm outer jacket pipe.
  • Robust design offers extreme mechanical and sealing protection of the insulation cut-back.

PLX* features include:

  • Tubular configuration supplied with separate rolls of adhesive.
  • Available in a full range of sizes (including unique pipe diameters).
  • One size can be used for several jacket pipe/service pipe combinations.

* PLX is only available in North America.


Pre-Insulated Pipes
Oil & Gas
End Seal
High Temperature