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Manhole Encapsulation System


Designed for protection of buried and exposed manhole

Accommodates movement.

Fits any size manhole.

Extends service life.

WrapidSeal is a wrap around heat shrinkable sheet that has been specifically designed for protection of buried and exposed manhole structures.

WrapidSeal is supplied in bulk rolls of varying widths and consists of a crosslinked polyolefin backing, coated with a protective heat activated adhesive. A separate closure is used to create a complete sleeve with the adhesive effectively bonding to the substrate, providing corrosion protection and adhesion for the impermeable backing.

Heat Activated, High Shrink Membrane

  • Torch applied, shrinks to fit profile.

High Tensile & Elongation

  • Accommodates movement.

Excellent Abrasion Resistance

  • Tough product, resists soil stress.

Bulk Roll

  • Fits any size manhole.

Complete Coverage

  • Reduces ground water infiltration.

Provides Corrosion Protection

  • Extends service life.

Long Term Protection

  • Once installed, the system creates a barrier to water infiltration and effectively protects the manhole support structure and frame from ground moisture, preventing corrosion and freeze-thaw damage. In below grade vaults or concrete lines, WrapidSeal is used to minimize water infiltration, reducing dewatering costs and loads on waste water treatment facilities.


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