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WrapidShield PE

RockShield System

WrapidShield PE


Lighter weight.

Easier to install.

High Impact Resistance.

WrapidShield PE RockShield system is engineered to provide high impact resistance and compressive strength when used as a protective layer over top of anti-corrosion coatings.

The material resists impact damage due to rocky backfill materials or offshore lay barge rollers. WrapidShield PE helps to cushion any impact during the construction process, is more economical, lighter and easier to install than alternate methods of protection.

High Performance System

  • Manufactured from high density polyethylene with a blowing agent to produce a strong but lightweight cellular structure.
  • Multi-layer crisscross extrusion resulting in tight rhomboidal openings.
  • Open mesh allows water to flow around the pipe and will not shield cathodic protection, even when applied in multiple layers.
  • Chemically inert and will not rot.
  • Supplied as bulk rolls with widths suitable for wrapping up to a 28” diameter pipe using long lengths of material.
  • Plastic strapping or filament tape may be supplied as per project or customer requirements.

Rapid and Reliable Installation

  • Installed along the pipe or around a field joint as per the diagrams on the back page.
  • Light weight rolls are easy to handle in the field.
  • Light weight system yet provides superior impact protection.
  • Secured by means of circumferential strapping tapes or similar.
  • Supplied in bulk roll widths ranging up to 2.4 m (7.8’) or pre-cut sheets.


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