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Tenaris-Confab has been awarded by Petrobras to provide 10 Km of pre-insulated pipes out of a total of 67 Km for the second phase of the Transpetro OPASA 16 project.

Back in 2017, Tenaris applied standard CSS product from Canusa- CPS to the 30 Km of pipes destinated to the first phase of the same project since Petrobras/Transpetro specifies the end cap type of WaterStop to protect the pre-insulated pipe ends for several years. The customer was looking forward to reducing cycle time of application to avoid delays on their production.

Canusa-CPS in collaboration with Tenaris-Confab developed and tested a customized CSS size for the 16” OD steel pipe/PE536 mm from the OPASA 16 project, aiming to save installation time while providing reliable pipe end protection.

In 2021, Canusa-CPS Latin America provided 1,800 pieces of Canusa SuperStop CSS-149 and fully trained the applicators to install the new end cap size in a timely manner to satisfy customer expectation.