The New Intake Pump Station Bergsche Maas required construction of 3 x 1.5 km of underground transmission lines from the intake pump station to the De Gijster savings basin.

Due to the increased demand of water, there was a need to ensure the security of supplying drinking water and the necessity of providing industrial water in the future.

The product which was initially applied to this project did not provide the required mechanical protection needed to protect the underlying pipeline coating and this resulted in project delays with the risk of not completing the project on time.

Known for our product performance, ease-of-installation and project excellence, Canusa-CPS was selected on a short notice to replace the ineffective product used for this project.


Canusa-CPS responded to the client call and recommended applying ScarGuard® for its fiber-reinforced composite mechanical protection system to the field joint coating on an 84” diameter pipeline.

In addition to material supply, onsite training on the installation of ScarGuard® for the Denys coating team was provided by the Canusa-CPS Field Service team. Given its ease-of-application, no UV light or heating was required when installing ScarGuard®.

From health and safety aspect, our dedicated team confirmed that no negative impact or hazards were introduced to the working site. This has increased our client confidence level for selecting Canusa-CPS mechanical protection system and completing the project on time with a quick and safe installation.

Denys N.V. (HQ Belgium) provides civil engineering services. The company designs, constructs, and installs pipelines, tunneling systems, earthworks, transport infrastructure, water networks, as well as offers renovation and restoration services.

Canusa-CPS has had the pleasure of working with Denys N.V. successfully over many years.

Project Name
September 2020
Water Pipeline
Supply of Abrasion Resistant Overcoat, Training
84” OD