The operating company was concerned that two 8” mainlines were susceptible to third party damages due to the location and depth of cover. These assets were located near a highway where a pipeline incident would potentially have severe consequences. Historically, the company has used concrete slabs for mechanical protection which required heavy equipment to install and add additional risk to personnel safety. This location was too confined for concrete slabs and it was cost prohibitive to bury the pipelines deeper.


By understanding the potential consequences, health and safety of people and project needs, Canusa-CPS recommended to apply Overpipe® mechanical protection plates which were deployed over the two 8” mainlines. Some Overpipe plates were cut to size to fit specific areas over the pipeline which provided an additional layer of safety.

In addition, assets located in high consequence area were protected with Overpipe plates as an alternative to burying the pipelines deeper or using concrete slabs. Therefore, Overpipe® saved the company significant amount of money by reducing man hours and equipment cost.

The operating company was pleased with the outcome and use of Overpipe®.  They noted that some of the Overpipe plates were easily modified (cut) with power tools to meet the site requirements with safe installation and increased efficiency.

Project Name
8" Mainline
Gas Distribution
Protect 8” natural gas mainline pipelines with shallow cover near highway
8" OD