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WrapidBond® FST

Flange Filler

WrapidBond® FST

Suited for a diverse range of pipeline

Long shelf-life.

Fast installation.

Instant adhesion.

WrapidBond® FST is a corrosion protective coating consisting of a modified and reinforced visco-elastic adhesive.

Supplied as a visco-elastic compound in paste form, available in a 2.0kg sheet for easy application and use to fill and pack in void areas. WrapidBond® FST provides effective corrosion protection by providing a barrier to water and oxygen. WrapidBond® FST is for use on aboveground and underground pipelines, fittings, flanges, and other steel structures.

Adhesion & Creep Resistance

The specially formulated adhesive bonds tenaciously to even the most difficult substrates and provides good elevated temperature creep resistance and resistance to soil stresses. Improved soil stress resistance is achieved with the installation of WrapidCoat® PVC outer wrap.

Wide Range of Applications

WrapidBond® FST is ideally suited for a diverse range of pipeline applications for coating repair or use on new pipeline construction including; transition areas on below ground pipelines, special sections such as bends, tees, flanges, tanks chimes, etc.

Full System Approach

The WrapidBond® product line utilizes the combination of WrapidBond®, WrapidBond® FST and WrapidCoat® to cover numerous unique applications, under varying conditions to allow for fast and easy installation with minimal access, working footprint, within cold or hot environments, and even on operating pipelines without the need for shut down.

Field Friendly

  • Long shelf-life.
  • Various widths available with convenient package options for ease of inventory.
  • Fast installation with instant adhesion on steel and many other base surfaces without applying primer.
  • No drying or hardening time.
  • Self healing ability when slightly damaged due to plastic-elastic properties.
  • Impermeable to water and oxygen.


Oil & Gas
Onshore Pipelines
Repair & Rehab
Corrosion Coating
Girth-Weld Joints
Fittings & Valves

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