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High Build Epoxy Coatings for Pipelines


Unmatched flexibility in the industry.

Excellent long-term performance.

Easy to apply formulation.

Environmentally friendly.

The Canusa HBE-95 is an advanced two-component epoxy coating system which has been specifically formulated for pipelines worldwide.

Applied to bare steel, HBE-95 has proven to withstand operating temperatures up to 95°C (302°F) with superior performance. HBE-95 is used for protection of pipeline field joint girth welds, valves and fittings, as a holiday repair material on FBE coated pipe or for pipeline coating rehabilitation projects. This environmentally friendly, 100% solids, novolac epoxy system can either be spray applied or brush applied to the intended substrate.

Corrosion Protection up to 95°C

HBE-95 coating system was designed to protect operating pipelines up to 95°C with exceptional performance.

Exceeds FBE Performance Requirements

Exceeds FBE coating performance requirements, including impact resistance, hot water soak adhesion and resistance to cathodic disbonding, as specified in USA (NACE RP0394), British (CW6), and Canadian (CSA Z245.20) standards.

Fast, Medium and Slow Cure Options

HBE-95 brush grade comes with three different cure speed options: Fast, Medium and Slow. Cure speed options present pot-life flexibility based on ambient temperatures and cycle time requirements.

High Build in Single Coat

A single pass application direct-to-metal will achieve a high build coating thickness of 20-40mils (500-1000 microns).

Variety of Uses

Mainline pipelines, rehabilitation projects, girth weld field joints, damage and holiday repair to FBE coated pipe, pipeline valves, fittings and bends, or directional drilling applications.


Oil & Gas
Repair & Rehab
Abrasion Coating
Girth-Weld Joints
Fittings & Bends