This project continues during the second half of 2020 and demonstrates the operational benefits that Canusa-CPS training and certification programs have on maintaining competency in applying field joint coatings on long duration large diameter onshore projects.

Known for our proven track record of product performance and project excellence, Canusa-CPS was selected as the supplier for 4000 field joint coatings utilizing GTS-65 Heat Shrinkable Sleeves with Induction Heating Equipment on a 56” diameter pipe. This product selection mirrored the products used on the successful sister project “Gazelle” in 2011. This system provides superior corrosion protection and excellent bonding on pipelines operating up to 65°C.


In addition to supply of material and lease of induction heating equipment, installation training and certification for the Denys coating team was provided by the Canusa-CPS Field Service team to give the client confidence that all best practices were adhered to while ensuring high productivity rates.

This training included elements of automation and process control. Our Field Service team provided training on the use of Induction Heating technology as part of the field joint coating process to generate uniform heating of the pipeline cutback prior to coating application.

Denys N.V. (HQ Belgium) provides civil engineering services. The company designs, constructs, and installs pipelines, tunneling systems, earthworks, transport infrastructure, water networks, as well as offers renovation and restoration services. Canusa-CPS has had the pleasure of working with Denys N.V. successfully over many years.

Project Name
2019 - 2020
Onshore, Gas Pipeline
Czech Republic
Supply of Field Joint Coating, Training
56" OD
GTS-65 System and Induction Heating Equipment